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Ari Virtanen
This is a huge topic in our corporation. These courses were just what the doctor ordered, and I picked so many useful things. Thank you Bryan!

Sarath Goparaju
It gave a clear idea of what RPA is and also what are the benefits of using it for various users.

Pirvulescu Liviu Ionut
These courses are well structured and Bryan has the ability of explaining in a comprehensive manner.

Tommy Hansen
I really like how he presents things. He is comfortable to listen to with a nice pace.

Anisha Chaturvedi
Bryan's instructions are clear since he is using layman language which helps even a non-techie to understand the subject. Also, I liked the way he has included the installation of the tool and step by step guidance including the worst case scenarios.

JP Baritugo
I like how Bryan walks through the ins and outs of UIPath, and the various considerations when designing a bot. Would like to see more real world examples and "things to watch out for" in future lectures.

Charlotte Mitchell
Clear, concise, well structured, good value!

Varun Dutta
This is a very good course to get started with RPA. Bryan has provided very good explanations about what is RPA, its need, its scope, tools available in the market, and industry trends. Nice course to get started with RPA!

Teemu Viljanen
Best RPA course on market!    

Paul Kerby
The RPA Overview course is informative and gives you the big picture. Looks like another great course from the Bryan Lamb stable.

RPA is an incredible technology and Bryan explains very well the impact it is and will continue to have.

Overall I thought the course was well planned out and delivered professionally. So much so that I went looking for the Technical Primer course. Definitely interested in seeing more material on this subject from this instructor!

Ernst Weber
I got what I excepted. Structured. Easy to follow. Easy to listen.

Sandeep Roy
Thanks Bryan for sharing such an useful material on RPA! I am looking forward to register myself for other RPA courses that you are building. Thanks again, Sandeep.