If you weren’t already aware, Robot Framework is an excellent, free, open source, generic test automation framework offering ease of use, flexibility, and clear, powerful reporting.

Along with the official Robot Framework documentation being very comprehensive, a focused Google search will eventually reveal some text tutorials, and even a few videos of varying degrees of quality on YouTube. Consequently, anyone new to Robot Framework faces a somewhat daunting task of searching, parsing, and aggregating a complete body of knowledge to maximize their success.

If you prefer a structured, articulate, white glove tour, I have developed a complete Robot Framework video training series, and several peripheral courses (including Jenkins CI, test automation best practices, etc.) to enable even those with no prior test automation experience to become successful test automators in the shortest time possible.

Instead of offering a single monolithic course, I’ve broken my information into smaller, less overwhelming courses that will enable learners with varying degrees of prior experience to jump in at a level that suits their existing skills, skipping past things they already know.

Please visit the courses page and examine the syllabuses to determine which course(s) will bring you the test automation success you desire!