I was given the opportunity to lead the RPA Bronze Badge program at our local EY office which mandated 20 hours of learning per participant. I chose 20 hours’ worth of Bryan’s lectures to watch and share with my team.

His RPA lectures were by far the most suitable for learners just starting out. They were easy to understand while still being very thorough, and provided some much needed background/context about the business shift towards RPA that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

His approach made learning some of the denser content quite fun and I never felt bored. Thank you for the great content and for helping our office learn more about RPA!

Rachel Ljunggren-Thomsen

Consultant, Ernst & Young

Bryan’s Robotic Process Automation and Tech Primer courses are fantastic. His knowledge and experience in RPA and technology shines through in the courses. You can tell after the first few minutes of each course that he has the “heart of a teacher”. The courses provided me with a super-fast education on RPA and the UiPath software. I highly recommend his courses.

Philip Campbell

Senior Vice President, Planning, AMCON Distributing Company

Bryan has put together one of the most comprehensive courses detailing RPA. He truly helped take my knowledge & skill set to new heights!

Robert Jeffers

iOS Developer, Duke Energy

Bryan is a consummate professional and incredible teacher! He is very clear and concise in his presentations. Additionally, he provides the emotional intelligence necessary to facilitate the mindset for this corporate & cultural change.

His “RPA Overview” course will give you a very strong understanding of RPA technology & mindset. The importance of corporate cultural change is brought forward in “how” Bryan teaches this course. This course will help the Executive Management team grasp this knowledge quickly.

The “RPA Tech Primer” course provides a framework for non-technical employees to understand how to approach creating “software robots”.

James J. Bardwil, PMP

Managing Director, eProjects Solutions

Bryan is a patient, intervening and vastly knowledgeable person. I started with RPA basic course and I found it so interesting and engaged that I went ahead to enroll in his other RPA courses one by one. His courses took my RPA work to the next level.

The courses are splendid and he is awesome at explaining. I find enthusiasm & experience in every tutorial that he shares on RPA.

He communicates information exceptionally clearly and efficiently, and  makes connections between course material and the real world perfectly.

His clear and precise explanation of concepts makes him a perfect mentor.

Kunal Kumar

Certified RPA Developer & Solution Architect, L&T Infotech